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Six Months after 2nd HT

These images were taken 6 months post HT, not a huge amount of growth yet, but enough to look very promising :)

Very bitter monkey

Meanwhile on Skype:

From time to time (sometimes several times a day) I get fake people, often pretending to be U.S. military contacting on Skype. It's a well known confidence scam where these scumbags try to get women to cyber-date them and eventually send them money. I usually just ignore / block them, but sometimes I play along, well, sort-of.

Communication - Virgin Active, you're doing it wrong!

I really like the Virgin brand, I have a gold card membership for air-miles, a Virgin Amex is my main credit card, I have Virgin Media supply my home broadband and I am a member of the local Virgin Active health and fitness club (The Glamorgan in Swansea). Heck I'm even a big fan of Mike Oldfield (though technically he's no longer part of Virgin). All in then, I spend easily in excess of £10,000 each year with the Virgin group of companies and three or four times that if you add in the money that goes through my credit card.

Somewhat surreal "customer support" from EA...

So I've been playing "Need For Speed: The Run" on the X Box, but unfortunately there is a bug which crops up about half way through the game. The bug corrupts some graphics on the screen making it almost impossible to get past a certain sequence.

Having tried the EA support forum, I followed the advice on the website and entered the on-line chat area.

After a wait of about 15 minutes, this is the conversation I had...

Thanks for contacting EA Help! My name is Abhishek how may I help you?


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