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My Hairloss (and recovery) story


Now that my website is nearly almost finished again (only taken 18 months to update this time), I'm going to make it much easier to find the content that people seem to want to see by providing little articles like this which list the relevant sections and galleries.

This page is all about how I lost my hair due to quite aggressive "MPB", but managed to recover it again by using a regimen of powerful medication and two cosmetic procedures.

Seeing as it's been *years* since I last posted a progress update and as I'm in the process of setting up my new website and becoming Danielle full time, it seems like a good time to post a new pic.

I've moved my gallery of hair loss to here - Hair Transplant Pictures on my website.

I'm really pleased with the progress in 6 years, going from a "full horseshoe" to being able to have a fringe again.

There have been two contributors to my progress:

Lots of female hormones and anti androgens.
Finasteride & Androcur, though mostly Finasteride.

Two HT procedures performed by Dr. Rogers (Rogers Clinic, Stratford/Rugby/London).

1st, 1007 strip grafts to fix my temples and hairline.
2nd, 2000+ strip grafts to further boost my hairline and provide a little more crown density.

As it stands, I'm considering one more final set of grafts to finish the job, but as I still get lots of new hair growth to come so I'm hanging on 'till I'm sure there is no more. I'm also considering a scalp advance, so I'll be wanting to keep some donor area for after the procedure.

Most of the advice on these procedures and medication has been based on the information I've gained here on this forum, so *huge* thanks to all the fantastic people who have had input into my success story so far

*edit* I think I'm flatterd at the comments about me wearing a wig in the latest photo, however it's not a wig it's all my own hair

It is dyed and styled of course.

Dani x x