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New laptop is some kind of masochist

Recently, my employer provided me with a shiny new laptop so that I can be more mobile and work from home. It's fantastic, dual cores, lots of rams, fast interwebs etc. a really nice piece of kit.

But... It has a sinister dark side; It’s a masochist!

Traditionally, computers don’t like to be dropped or beaten up; heck my first experience with a PC (a Viglen in 1986) required the user to run the “park” utility from DOS before you even moved it. My new laptop however is very different. It comes with a utility which shows how much of a beating it’s taking.

It’s possibly the most bizarre utility I’ve ever seen, the more of a kicking the laptop takes, the more the little graphs jump around. Ok, I know it’s *really* meant as a tool to protect the hard disk, but seriously, this little graph display is just nagging you to give it a thump or two.

I wonder what’s next; a high-score chart?