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First we had TanaCon, then we had FouseyCon... stay tuned for CabooseCon. The bar is now so low, literally nothing can go wrong... probably.
Hey, thanks for the comments. We still have some way to go, but we're getting there :) xox
Hey, thanks for watching. How are you feeling?
Hey , I've just had *yet another* camera die on me, are you ever going to sort out your quality problems?
Here is a guide to adopting an ATX PSU to work.
I had one of these!!! :) Do you know what mode this is? Looks like a 652 or 662. These were AWESOME! xox
It's hard to believe that 12 months have passed since I was here last year for the Universal Studios Hollywood VIP…
Still no sugar-free Kong Strong at the Port Talbot branch :(
I love a good tip :)
Doing good thank you :)
Ah, this makes me happy (and awake) :) xox
Woohoo! xox
I was Googling to find out what had happened to Sugar-Free Kong Strong (I love it) and found…
Thank you for being interested :) xox
Three days ago I had several kilograms of loose skin removed from my inner thighs, following a lot of weight loss.…