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When you rush home to catch the live stream and you're not sure if you missed it, or it didn't start yet.
How do I escalate a complaint without having the 'customer service' representative hang up on me?
Double Dare OMG Foaming Face Mask Haul and Review
Dropped you a mention in my most video :)
I *adore* how you handled the interview today, absolutely brilliant. Thank you so much for being an ally ag…
240lbs and 28” lost on my waist, time to set new goals!
Flying home makes me sad, in flight WiFi helps a bit :) (@ Virgin Atlantic Flight VS 16 in Orlando, FL)
It’s not often you get to meet two of your heroes on the same day! Legends, Jerry Ross and Terry White in the same…
RT : Rose Gold perfection!! Get yours today at and your local CosmoProf stores!
Sometimes it's completely fine to be an asshole, like when it's seeing someone who treats you like crap…
Thank you xox
Join The Niminator, live right now! Learn how to become a YouTube superstar, just like me :) xox
I keep saying that to myself :)