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Paying dues at the house of pain... (@ G.A.H. Gym in Pontypridd)
...favourite 'fly on the wall' people vlog by an absolute mile x x
...make obnoxious remarks, the I must be doing *something* right to piss off those kinds of people.…
I was blogging about this only yesterday; it sucks but it helps a little for me to remember that fo…
Chickens! (@ Frankie & Benny's - in Swansea, City and County of Swansea)
Glutes! (@ Aberavon Leisure and Fitness Centre in Port Talbot, West Glamorgan)
Kim!! Congratulations on the followers, you're smashing it! I'm about to start doing gaming on my channel, fancy a collab? :)
RT : Can't stop thinking about this black bin bag of dough I saw earlier
What's the difference between a possum and an opossum? Is one Canadian? x
That really depends on the scores on the doors. If it's loaded with sugar and carbs, probably not.
Is anyone covering support over the weekend? I have a critical outage but nobody is responding to my ticket.
How odd, you guys get my actual site? The issue must lay elsewhere, I'll do some more digging.
I get a 'This domain is for sale' page (it's not), and it's fine with no DNS, or Google's.
Hmm, that seems to be ok. What do you get when you visit my blog?
Hey guys, has your service been hacked? Resolution is all over the place with crazy redirects to dodgy pages when I use your DNS.