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Want me to ask if the guy who does my editing is able to take on more work?
RT : Politician who warned gays would destroy marriage splits from wife after dating another woman
RT : Trans women don’t experience misogyny 🤣
Keeper right there...
🔴 LIVE Catrina.Lauren on - Come and join Cat, she's about to hit 11k fans xox
Bum day!! (@ Aberavon Leisure and Fitness Centre in Port Talbot, West Glam…
And... it's back. How odd xox
Hey Bella, any idea what happened to the Breadsquad group? Looks like it was deleted. xox
Hey chica, check your DM. You started this ;) xox
Congratulations xox
2018 and there is still no emergency service that will deliver crisps and chocolates. Seriously, I thought the wor…
It's 'work in progress' :)
Just the usual hell off pressing buttons for this and that, then getting the wrong team, then on hold…
I initially called to inquire about an upgrade and I've ended up so frustrated at trying to reach a hu…