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Thanks for the work you do on your channel, I love it :) x x
I'm glad it's not just me who's obsessed with my 'aesthetic'. I'm doing so much gym work on my glute xox
An actual broadcast that isn't just testing stuff :)
RT : This is what happens when we let men write books
Discovered why every pair of jeans I own is too big; I’ve skipped two sizes :) (at )
🔴 LIVE Catrina.Lauren on - 'Cos it's Cat
Creating one of *your* looks for my channel :) x0x
RT : Join me live to celebrate 50k subscribers on YouTube -
Love this place :) xox (@ Franco's)
Pacific Rim 2, it's going to be a monster!
Looking for Ghosts on the Queen Mary!
RT : After the meet-up, we'll do another in Barbara Hall Park behind the 519 community centre at 7pm for p…
I know, right! Everything about it was so well done, script, timing... so entertaining!