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Thank you xox
Motivation tips when trying to lose weight and get into shape:
Weight loss is a bit slower this week, remembered I’ve not been checking in so the calories burned haven’t...
I've jumped back in and given it a few hours. There are *loads* of changes, too many to list, but I'…
How about one for old hags like me who need a lot of makeup :) xox
This Pokemon thing is becoming onyxceptable with this gastly behaviour!
Best song I've ever heard about !
Conversely, it sucked up most of my time today when I should have been YouTubing x
Want to know how my YouTube channel has started to blow up and grow 600% in a few weeks? Join Nick's live show righ…
*or less*? cough
Hey xox
I'm trying to think of a funny reply, but I'm still laughing at yours :)
I feel your pain. I still have traumatic flashbacks from the 'annoyed woman at photocopier' clip art shortage of '89
RT : Steam Direct FAILED to fixed ANYTHING at all...Well, we think so anyway. What's the deal with Steam Direct?
Welcome to Twitter xox