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It's to finally be doing the things I've prepared decades for :)
Actually lolled at this gif :)
For those keeping track... FFS, vocal surgery and body contouring revision consultations booked! We're getting into…
RT : 30 minute delay on the stream today. Join us LIVE at 9:30am Eastern here -
Using a large thumbnail link to promote a YouTube video about using large thumbnails links... I'm so meta.
Fact Cow is back for the 2019 season :)
I'm about to record a show on this very subject xox
Ah, I feel ya, It can be tough to get perspective when you feel everything is on top of you. It's taken…
Are you shipping orders from December yet? I am waiting on tracking details.
Ha, I've been trying to reach you guys for months. Thought I had done something wrong :)
What a terrific video! Can I mention it on my own channel? It's perfect for a show I'm working on xox
Happy to :)
Want to learn more about how to be a great YouTube creator? Go and check out the Andrew Kan live stream!…
So yeah, by far the most requested video from pretty much everyone... Check out that bed hair :)
"There is no question that disproportionate rates of mental health problems among trans people are due to stigma, d…