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System Shock CD is better than System Shock 2! There I said it. It needed to be said, and I said it, so there.
SKY TV viewers: Avoid repetitive strain injury by holding down the 'prog+' button on your remote control and taping your finger in place.
You could literally write *anything* you like and occasionally throw in the word 'Blockchain" and nobody would know ;)
Not really, I measure protein and calories and make up my remaining calories from what I like (which is often quite fat high).
I'm researching some content for my YouTube channel. The focus is that even though I've had bariatric sur…
I'm honestly not sure; I consider myself trans rather than intersex. I don't have ambigu…
In a nutshell, I have female chromosomes but mostly male 'physical development'.
We were literally commenting on my stream that we had not seen you stream in a while, and *boom* there you were xox
I have De la Chapelle syndrome and I'm transsexual. Some haters really get tied in logical knots when they attack me.
Coming up in just under an hour :)
RT : The whole “if trans women are women you wouldn’t need to put ‘trans’ in front” is a flawed argument. It’s merely a…
When you spend ages creating a thumbnail template for your new channel, then realise you've basically ripped off Pr…