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I cannot believe I've only just discovered you :) Going to binge on your channel all morning xox
I know, right! Free thinking Christian... I mean... how?
Thank you :) Did you know the link to your channel shown in your profile is broken? xox
Hey :) Do you have an email or DM box for private messaging? Not creepy, just wanted to share a little…
The Braouns Silk Smooth is an electronic threading hair removal machine. Is this any good, or is it just like most…
JOHN WAYNE. Never show any pain when receiving the beating of a lifetime, but wince when having your wounds tended by a woman.
A little, but more about the choice of surgeon xox
Whatever it is, I would place a bet on you nailing it :) xox
I'm home from my visit to Estonia where I had a tummy tuck (Abdominoplasty) and an upper arm lift.…
DRIVERS: Beat boredom on long journeys by closing your eyes for as long as you dare, then daring yourself to close them for longer.
I'm still trying to process the replies to the OP :)
What is it about these crazy TERFs that are always using emotive language to try to 'win the internet'. I…