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They have all finished now, but it took hours. Much much longer than usual.
is the service down? I have several projects stuck in 'OUTGOING FILE TRANSFER'
Dear Universe, Please let Senegal win at the sporting thing they are apparently doing. K thx xox
Finally starting to like how I look... it's a very strange feeling :) xox
Haul incoming! @ The Forum Shops at Caesars
Just drove from LA to Vegas with the roof down... achieved a similar look by accident. Yours looks much better xox
I am, I like tradition :)
Thank you so much for sharing xox
A year ago, ate at the same TGI before heading to Las Vegas... I need a pun xox (at in Costa Mesa, CA)…
The pain is real!
Woohoo! (@ Disney California Adventure Park - in Anaheim, CA)
Sounds amazing, let me know how I can help xox
RT : Rt to join a gc for high school seniors where we can vent and talk about college apps
When you're a YouTube super star at VidCon 2018