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I ordered some clothes from the incredibly 'too good to be true' online sites seen all over social media. They took…
HAMMER NAILS through a cricket ball and roll it around in fallen leaves. Hey presto! An Autumn snowball. Cheap and great fun for the kids.
Hey! I have synesthesia too. I still remember the day I was sent to the 'naughty corner'…
Going through the replies and finding so many creators to follow! Wonderful post :) xox
Aww, thank you Kat! xox
I know, right! This stuff is important!
Essential life hacks need to be shared so that all of society can benefit.
I blame Trump
FELLAS: Avoid having to do a single day's work in your life by simply wooing and marrying a queen.
CONVINCE your friends that you play the trombone by standing behind a screen and farting into a watering can.
TOURETTES sufferers shout 'poppycock', 'fiddlesticks' and 'balderdash' to recreate an authentic Victorian experience.
TO MAKE a pot of coleslaw go further, simply grate a carrot, some cabbage and an onion into the tub, then add some mayonnaise.
GENTLEMEN: Avoid any unnecessary scrotal surgery by removing any genital piercings before using the 'Black Hole' water flume at Butlins.
I consider myself a feminist, so while I agree there is some common interest…