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Damnit, that's a good review. Even better than mine :) xox (though my affiliate account on Amazon is bulging with the clicks)
Woke up and *boom* new video, and a really good one too.... I'm making notes here :) xox
You shoot, edit and publish on the same day? Damn, that's an impressive workflow xox
Not feeling this today, legs like logs :) (@ Aberavon Leisure and Fitness Centre)
Hey guys, is anyone else reporting issues with TubeBuddy and the new YouTube layout?
Hey, I'm glad you liked it :) xox
Oh no, I hope you got it sorted xox
Here you go: I've given up trying to order tonight though, it's been over 90 mins.
I cannot place an order, I keep getting 'Duplicate account' errors. I've been on the phone to support but they're not interested.
Is your service down again? Getting duplicate account errors when I try to place an order.
Huge fan right here! I tried the look you created in your Morphe JH review. It's the best I've eve…
I was going to avoid 'Trans' stuff on my channel, but it has such an impact on the topics I…
RT : Tea Diaries is back! Lots of you asked for this episode to be about mental health, so I really hope you enjoy this❤️
Yay!! It popped up yesterday, but I have not had a chance to watch it yet. Thanks for reminding me xox